Friday, November 5, 2010

Bush Put Us In the Hole and Now Obama Wants to Be Remembered as Doing the Same Thing

It is not enough that Obama gets blamed for us being unemployed and poor. Now he wants to hold the same cards that Bush had, "Cut taxes for everyone (a popularity vote)".
At the moment history is telling us that Bush put us in the hole and if the tax cuts are extended then Obama will also be remembered for doing the same thing as a popularity vote. History will forget Bush if he does and only remember Obama as the one that had a chance to stop this nonsense but continued it.

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  1. So what do you think should be done? Should we punish only the people like your son-in-law who is working very hard to create a business for himself? Should we punish only the doctors, lawyers who have worked and educated themselves in order to get ahead in life. These people are all working to make life easier for their families by making as much money as they why punish them by taxing them and taking more of their money.

    It's these people who make small business and who hire employees and eventually the lucky ones will have a large company with hundreds of employees of their own. They might not be just people who provide a service, doctors & lawyers, but people who make a product. No one should be punished for being successful in this country.

    If you really want to make things fair, then tax everyone at the same rate without exception or loopholes. I'm not in favor of a Flat Consumption tax because it would make it hard on ME....but that is the only tax that would be fair to EVERYONE. The Liberals seem to want everyone to be equal, then this is the way to start it by taxing everyone with a consumption tax on everything you buy and doing away with income taxes on payroll. The rich buy more expensive items and would pay higher taxes, just what you want... and the poor man would buy substantially less and pay less taxes.

    All equal and fair. Every person (man, woman & child) would pay taxes equally.