Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Am I doing?

I am placing the Kentucky Federation of Chapter Bylaws online as approved by National. What I am placing online is a copy and not the actual bylaws. They are there online to get the general idea of what we do as an Federation and Association.
Since I copied them with a reader I have to make sure as to what I copied is the same as I scanned into the computer. The reader reads the pixels of the document and determines if it is an "A" or "Z", etc.
I am proofreading what is on my computer as to what is on printed document. When I think everything is correct I will upload them into a web page for the Kentucky Federation of Chapters to view online.
Time for some coffee.
Our daughter is becoming or is a school teacher because she spends half or all of each day looking up or learning or teaching. She home schools. Allison and Diane you two should get acquainted. 1. is because I love both of you and 2. You are both talented in the art of teaching children.


  1. Suzanne home schooled Matt. Didn't know if you knew that and I think this is why he is so successful.

  2. Hi, Dennis,
    I'd love to meet Allison someday. And I miss teaching young children. They are like sponges. :) Home schooling must be very rewarding. I know a few moms who teach their own children.