Thursday, August 30, 2018

Olmsted Ribbon Cutting

I left home at 0730 so I would get to Olmsted by 0915. The trip to Olmsted would take 1 hour and 45 minutes. When I parked the car at Olmsted this is what  saw.
I walked toward the Pavilion stopped and looked around. 
These next photo I took just to remember the lay of the land and then I looked back toward Laurel's car.

We had one of these at Smithland; I was wondering if any of you know what it is? I asked the man if he knew where he was standing, he did not know?
Knowing me I explained to him where he was standing.
It is a sand trap; you wash your vehicle and the mud and whatever the mud is mixed with gets trapped in the sand; you clean it out yearly the water leaving the area is clean.
You may also place enzymes in the sand and the enzymes will devour the grease, gas and oils..

When I first arrived on the property there were plenty of police officers so when I got close to the Pavilion I saw these two policemen and I asked if I could take their picture. They said yes. I soon started wandering around taking picture of the people and shacking hand with the dignitaries.

Our friend Faye (right) spotted me and offered me a seat where she was sitting. I asked if anyone else was here and she sad that they were over there and pointed toward the lock. I walked over there to take their pictures and espied a friend that started working at the locks the same day I did. I took his picture.

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