Monday, January 15, 2018

We Ruined Their Wedding Photos

Good Evening,
Generally my wife and I were the scapegoats of most conversations. Most folks except us as we are but folks like Trump (for example) will be cruel with their speech and generally shun us. They will say, "At least I am honest."
" You know that you Ruined our Wedding Pictures!"
That always makes the mind feel " not wanted" and maybe lets you think maybe they should of did something at our birth?
Sometimes people remind us that we are the black sheep; our wool does not make white shirts.
I realize that is not right and my grandmother in Pasadena knew right from wrong and taught me well but it hurts when the mind goes there oh.

"Hello in There" by John Prine

Good Morning,
I do not know much about my mothers mom Aurelia Chavez Arellanes and her half sister Epigmenia (Mena) Chavez. Mena was a nun that came to our home every Christmas (there was a picture of Mena in the entryway right next to the piano on the wall. She had long Indian braids in the photo) and Grandma and Mena would make Buñuelos (pictured at left). Aurelia Chavez Arellanes, had been well-educated in a convent located, we believe, in Pinos Altos near Chihuahua, Mexico. She had a half-sister, Epigmenia Chavez Hurtado.Don't know much about my mother's family.

My grandmother read the bible constantly in bed and she always had the Watchtower there close by to read. She took me to a tent revival in Los Angeles in the 1940's. It was a series of huge tents and the picture of the event is pictured below.  (my aunts and mom went to the Methodist Church in Pasadena.)
This photo looks exactly how I pictured it in my mind. We went by Pacific Electric Trolley to the events and it always made me car sick (I was always car sick, I stuttered badly and constantly wet the bed).
This is also how we went to see my aunt Virginia in the two story housing projects of Los Angeles.

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