Wednesday, September 13, 2017


 Good Morning,
Mom gave the kittens some canned cat-food a few days ago. Well this little orange kitten ate like a pig and the other kittens ate just a little. About an hour latter the mother cat called her kittens and the kittens came over and started nursing. The orange kitten that over ate came by a little later. She just laid on the other kittens while they were nursing. She farted (loud enough for me to look down at the mom and kittens) and pooped all over the other kittens and the mother cat realized immediately what happened and started cleaning up the mess; it wasn't much but enough to wake the mother and make her clean the kittens and their bottoms..

It is Wednesday and the planet is recovering from a massive flood, an earthquake an a extremely large Hurricane.
Do these floods, hurricanes and earthquakes happen everyday. I know for a fact that India floods during the monsoon season and that I can read about any one of those circumstance every day in the newspaper of newsreel.

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