Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Van

Good Afternoon,
It is a nice warm day outside. We just got back from Paducah and on our way home the van started to act up. We have no clue what the problem is, bad gas, transmission, Spark plug wires and spark plugs or the engine failing. Hopefully it is bad gas and replacing it with good gas will solve the problem, the transmission is an expensive fix. Plug wires and plugs is a good fix. Engine failure is bad or a new computer is expensive. We got cloths to wear in California and now the van is saying no trip.

Hopefully everything will be better than the last time.

This year we had to fix the pickup.
Our stove died, we had to get a new one.
Mom wanted a new front door so we bought one
on our way home the van went up in smoke we had to go to the bank to fix the van.
Last week our air conditioner went out.

now go up to the top and see the story of the van today 8/ 1 /2017.

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