Friday, June 16, 2017

Dead Bolt

Good Morning,
I went swimming after the rains yesterday; it was overcast but without a threat of rain yesterday afternoon..
The man from Home Depot is coming to finish the front door; he will add a dead bolt to our door and a storm door. The way the door is made the warranty does not allow him or I to add anything to the door unless it comes from the factory that way. So we had to wait for the door from the factory that has a dead bolt area in the door. The door we have now does not have  dead bolt area. Somebody either the factory or the store forgot to add the dead bolt to the door.We now have three dead bolts in our doors. Our back door has a dead bolt; Our black storm door has a dead bolt which we used to secure the door during very hard storms; our new door has a regular lock and a dead bolt.
(Storm door dead bolt pictured.)
6:45 PM
Somebody forgot to tell the repairman that he was coming by this morning. His wife or Home Depot told us when he was coming. Somebody forgot to tell him.
RADAR at 6:00 AM

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