Thursday, April 20, 2017

Do Da Do Da

Good Morning,
Besides the fact that I work outside I also work inside doing sewing chores like replacing my soles of my house slippers which did not work out at all and I did throw them away. I have some great underwear that is lasted a long time except for the fact that the elastic is not holding. This morning I am putting belt loops on my underwear so hopefully they will be useful; I have some old "T" shirts that are rags now but the neck and bottom seem seem to be strong as ties (belt) and loops. I can wear these at home.
10 AM
I finished the belt loops for the belt.
Went out and took part of the cover off the solar heater then the wind and rain started blowing hard and stopped me; I got half of it off, folded and put away. I moved the chipper shredder out front ( it was heavy and hard to move in the wet grass). It very tall and top heavy so I will lay it down in the truck. I have an old solar cover that is going to the dump.
We are doing like my daughter and making things instead of buying things.

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