Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Good Morning,
I awoke this morning, went to the bathroom and came back to be and I heard a baby cry (kitten). I looked over the side of the bed. I saw nothing. So I got up went in and cleaned my teeth and washed my face. I decided on a cup of coffee; so I came into the kitchen to fix my mug of coffee. Dolly earlier as I was going to bed started to come into Allison's room and turned quickly away and I went to sleep. Mom had been calling the cat all through the day as I worked outside. I had been moving some mulch around ; I had cut down my mint early this month and yesterday I had the bright idea to gather the cuttings of mint and move them in front of my shed. So hopefully the mint will take root there as well as it's normal place besides our home. I also gathered a wagon load of Black Eyed Susan's (Rudbeckia, Goldsturm) stems from last year (they had the black seed shells), hopefully some of the seeds will grow also on the east side of my shed next to my Hibiscus.
Momma cat is bathing besides me as I type. I had given her a can of cat food to consume
I went out to do some work and the wind chill hurt my hands. i had to come in. I may go out later.

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