Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trump to Role Back the EPA Rules, "What Does He Know!"

Good Morning,
Mom is asleep and I am alive and well. It may not have been so back in 1958 when I was in NAVAL Boot Camp in San Diego, California. Our Company Commander came up to me and said, "Your sick report to sick bay!" I reported to sick bay and they said that I had bronchitis and could not finish boot camp until it was cleared up. They gave me shots in my rear and laid me over a bed so that my hips were on the bed but my shoulders and head were hanging over into a paper sack in a trash can. I coughed and spit up gobs of goo from my lungs. I did this daily until it cleared up and the doctors felt I was fine. I was released from sick bay a week after my arrival and placed in another company after another week.
I did my tour of duty in the military and was released before the date of my 21st birthday ( kiddie cruise, go in before you are 18 and get out the day before you turn 21). I went home to La Puente but could not handle the smog because it burned my eyes so I went to San Jose where I had a friend who I had met in the Navy.
California air today is much cleaner than when I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains (1941-1958). Here is a photo of the smog I grew up with.

What Does President Trump Know about pollution?

I grew up within walking distance of the Rose Parade and most days in the 1940's I could not see the mountians from our second story window on Bellefountaine. Just google the Hunington Hostpital in Pasadena, CA and measure the distance to the mountains.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Good Morning,
It rained last night, Birds are singing. the wind blew my pie pan away, that is how hard the wind blew .

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Good Afternoon,
Our mother cat had her kittens and we have just now taken photos. Four males and one female is what mama says we have. 3 orange, one dark striped .and one black. This cat is a great mother as she tends to her kittens. She did not mind mom handling the kittens and when we put her and the kittens in a clean box and took her off the carpet she did not mind she trusts both mom and I.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Good Morning,
I awoke this morning, went to the bathroom and came back to be and I heard a baby cry (kitten). I looked over the side of the bed. I saw nothing. So I got up went in and cleaned my teeth and washed my face. I decided on a cup of coffee; so I came into the kitchen to fix my mug of coffee. Dolly earlier as I was going to bed started to come into Allison's room and turned quickly away and I went to sleep. Mom had been calling the cat all through the day as I worked outside. I had been moving some mulch around ; I had cut down my mint early this month and yesterday I had the bright idea to gather the cuttings of mint and move them in front of my shed. So hopefully the mint will take root there as well as it's normal place besides our home. I also gathered a wagon load of Black Eyed Susan's (Rudbeckia, Goldsturm) stems from last year (they had the black seed shells), hopefully some of the seeds will grow also on the east side of my shed next to my Hibiscus.
Momma cat is bathing besides me as I type. I had given her a can of cat food to consume
I went out to do some work and the wind chill hurt my hands. i had to come in. I may go out later.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2001: A Space Odyssey

Good Morning,
It is still dark outside and we have no militia walking down our street. Trumpet has not declared martial law yet and told us not to venture out after dark. I hear the Theme from a 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Monday, March 20, 2017

I Mowed 75 Degrees Out There

Good Morning.
I have been doodling and writing. I have also done chores and planted some tomato seedling. I am not sure the seedling will come up; maybe too much moisture; I am using large peat pots (6 oz.). I mowed down all the Easter grasses. I may pick them up or I may Roto-till some more. If I roto-till I discourage weeds in the garden. Plus the ground is just right a the moment.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cold Weather

Good Morning.
I have been working around the house, mostly chores, it turned cold with some snow and cold wind chills, tornadoes close by and high winds. Nothing to report here.
We went to Berea, KY. to see some gymnastics and to visit with my sister. We had a great time as our granddaughter came in ninth overall in the state.
The other day it was nice when I rototilled the garden; the weather turned extremely cold the next day and it has been cold ever since.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Good Morning,

Today I will Roto till a row for onions and lettuce. My mower and tiller are ready for the gardening season. I fixed two (2) pie pans with swivels as to not get tangles up by the wind.


Allison, I wanted to show Eliana these drawings by my cousin Lola Clark. I did the same with crayons and a arcrlic water color wash.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Similar Home

Good Morning,

Here is a photo of the home that was similar to the home we lived in when we first arrived here in Kentucky. It was a keeper except for the termites flying into the house. The walls were lath and plaster.

Flood Control and A$$ Wholes

Good Morning,
I was just watching C-Span.org and just realized that Congress has eliminated the flood control program that was in place when I worked for the Army Corps of Engineers (1970-2000). How did they do it? Well they non-funded the Army Corps of Engineers because they wanted a small government profile. I saw the congressman drilling a general as to why the government is not prepared for flooding emergencies.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tomas Muse in Paperback Rare and Collectable


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I might may some coffee table editions when I sell enough paperbacks. or I might just make prints of my Muse.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Good Morning,
I made a scarecrow, a wind chime and some floppy flying swirls to scare the deer from our garden. Blue and green are the colors that deer see. I have one more object to make and that is a wind blown pom pom.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Entry and Ramp.

Good Morning,
It is still dark outside our brick home. We are going to have a new entry put in plus I am going to build a ramp. I have a ramp for my wagon but it scares people.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Green and Blue

Grandpa made a scarecrow this afternoon.

Making Tomas Muse Print on Demand

Print on demand paperback books

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Book Baby


Good Morning,
It has been raining hard for the last two nights; I emptied over an inch of rain from my rain gauge yesterday and I think I have more in it this morning. Everything looks fine this morning as daylight is approaching.