Monday, November 14, 2016

New Stove

Good Morning,

I got up around 2:00 AM which is a bit later than what I have been doing. I have been going to bed at 6:00 PM,  sleeping 6 hours,  watching TV then getting up. That puts the time around 12 midnight or 1:00 AM as being my normal.
Our stove has been leaking gas (not a lot but enough to smell) and it is old (more than 20 years old). So we thought that maybe a new stove would not leak as much. I also want to inspect the area in bac of the stove when it is back in place. I will open up a space from the laundry room and view the connections from there. That will tell me if the connection is crimped and if I need to solve that problem.
I feel good mentally and physically.

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