Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trips Festival

Drugs get old fast but they teach you to enjoy life without them. You can enjoy your trip on the planet earth; you can use the memory of fond times to trip-out on the planet. Music can heighten your love of life. You can kick butt on doorknobs and that lovely women you call a friend. Good movies do a nicer thing to your mind without the after affects. You are at the place to be within the frame of your body and soul.
If you need help it is there in your community, just ask and they have the numbers to call. Religion can point the way. We have the sun/son. Here in town we have a website of help that will point you to the folks thatcan help.

You can trip out my stories and muse with the music of your choice. Drugs are a physical thing of the past.

The Cave

Though the opening I could see the drawing on the wall of the cave.
The fire was throwing warm light, creating movement in the still night.
I sat, watching the drawing on the wall.
They had painted the sun on the cave wall.
I remember back this morning, feeling depressed and sad.
I had felt that the world was against me.
I had felt the pain in the back of my head. I had felt terrible.
I thought I knew what to do, so I had walked to the side of this mountain and gathered some wood and kindling.
I had sparked a fire with flint in this cave.
The first time I had seen the drawing, it had reminded me of how simple the past can communicate with the present. The simple drawing of the sun on the cave wall spoke of a time past.
The time where one human decided to communicate with the future.
They decided to tell us that they knew the sun.
The simple drawing, a old circle and radiating lines told of emotions gone by.
They told the story of someone drawing in this cave.
The life trying to reach forward into the future.
A life with a history, a life willing to create a drawing.
A life whose time frame has long since gone.
A life that had lived and loved, fought and cried.
A life that had walked and talked in this cave.
A life that had seen the sun.
Sitting in this cave I look at the sun and realized that I am not alone.
Someone has left a message on this wall.
I watch the drawing as the fire's reflection plays tricks and dance on this wall.
I know that someone else has sat here and watched this sun as it danced and entertained them so long ago.
My sadness is long gone, as I slowly understand what I see, the muscle in my neck has relaxed, the pain I understand. It leaves my body.
I'll come back here and sit at some other time.
I'll again share the time with the one who painted the sun.

You Can Trip Out on My Muse
Dennis The Start
Put on some music and enjoy

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