Friday, October 7, 2016

Good Morning

Tomas Muse October 2016

Tommy Carter watching the Mississippi Queen leave lock # 50; view narrow walkway.

Ron Hall walking the narrow lock wall to catch a line.

I walked forever at old lock #50 and so did all the lock man; we walked on those narrow walkways forever every day, plus avoiding the dangers of singing lock lines that stretched out thin 30 feet long and ready to break. Just another day at lock 50.

Big heavy 15 barge tow at lock #50 was hell and very dangerous. The government finally stopped us from helping the tow get into the lock; they started hiring small tugs out of Paducah to work the day at lock #50. The small tug would push the side of the tow toward the lock.

Towboats helping at lock #50

During the 1977-78 winter those props at lock and dam #50 were bent like horse shoes.

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