Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tooth Splitting

Good Morning,
When I was living in Alhambra on 3rd Street; I went to Garfield School which I think is gone but the buildings are still there and is a church school. While living in Pasadena I chipped out a chunk of my tooth in front and someone had a silver cap placed over the tooth. (back to the photo below) In the playground below, looking back toward the building in the back is where when the school bell rang and I was running toward my classroom (behind the building at left (auditorium)) someone swung a bat to hit a ball toward the school and hit me with his follow through square in the mouth and it split my good tooth in two (like yanking the roots and pulling them apart like a wishbone) I bled and bled and my tooth just fell out in two long pieces and a gap was left exposed. They stuffed the hole with cotton to stop the bleeding. So I had a silver tooth next to a gap. My self-esteem went to the toilet.

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