Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pool Pie

Good Morning,

I have my Bungee Cords across our pool, all I have to do now is put the winter cover on the pool and drop the pool, disconnect all the lines, drain all the lines including the solar cover, cover all the holes (that keeps the bugs and varmints out) and the final task is put everything away in my blue container. I will cover the solar heater with bubble wrap and a tarp for the winter.

I awoke at midnight, stayed up  for about an hour and went back to bed and woke up at 5:00 AM. It is chilly outside; up front it is 45 degrees and outback by the deck it is 51 degrees. When the temperature drops like that then we have fog as the heat leave the earth (soil, trees, buildings). Each cord is tied off between each section of the pool; it was difficult to do when i had only 4 or 4 cords on; but when I was done I could see where there was no cord and I simply moved the cord to that particular center. The photo top left will help me next year put the bungee up as I will start at one particular point (I have the points in the photo below) and continue by clockwise with each new bungee cord.

9: 00 AM
I started putting the black winter cover on the pool; it was hard to do but it did not fall into the pool. I will do more tomorrow.

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