Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pool Maintenance

Good Morning,
I slept late; did not awake until 4:30 AM. Mom and I are both up. Yesterday I dropped the water in the pool; today I will open all the plugs, unions and caps and cover the openings with nylon stockings to let the water drain and keep the bugs out. I do not want bugs creating winter homes in my water lines. I do this with most of  the openings on the pool every winter. Just about everything needs to drain in the winter; water freezes in the winter and expands and that may crack plastic housing or hoses. I will vacuum out  the solar heater and cover it with bubble wrap and a tarp. I will try to do most of that today.
10:00 AM
I did everything but vacuum it started to Fall Mist but I did take it all apart and covered and drained well.
I just have to drain the solar heater and vacuum out the water. Cover it with bubble wrap and tarp.

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