Monday, September 5, 2016

Pool Steps and Paw Prints

Good Morning,
While mom and I were moving the wooden steps up to the pool the screws came out and the steps fell apart. I went to True Value and bought some Carriage Bolts and put the steps back together. I was solid staining the deck while working on the steps. I think the steps will wobble as they are now; I have to solve that problem when I turn them up properly.
Last night before going to bed I used Precise (Ben gay) on my back and this morning I took two "Tylenol" this morning. I am going to solid stain the deck this morning  then fix the steps ; then solid stain the deck again. Then I will have to vacuum the deck  (shop Vac) where I have been working on the deck before painting again.
9:00 AM
Breakfast and a break; moved the steps and did some painting; vacuumed the area where I was working; when I go out I solid stain the deck by the sliding door; my work area for the steps is in front of the area where the steps normally go. I am on my break. 
All the cats have brown pads on their paws plus I have cat prints on the deck (a perk).

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