Thursday, September 22, 2016


Good Morning,

Some things we will always do is our daily chores, in the country it is cutting wood and getting the days water; in a town like ours it is washing dishes or emptying the dishwasher or loading it; vacuuming, sweeping taking out the garbage, washing clothes, mowing the lawn/grasses, painting, fixing the plumbing; cleaning and adjusting the pool; changing the oil on vehicles on  schedule. 
I am 75 and I still do my chores. It hurts to do my chores so I take a lot of breaks.
When I was young I complained about doing my chores. 
When I realized that doing chores is part of gods great plan then it was like a prayer to do a chore.

"Carrying water and chopping wood are the activities of the Buddha," "The everyday mind is Buddha," are two of the most well known Zen sayings.

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