Thursday, September 15, 2016

Boatswain Chair and Pulley

Good Morning,
Refueling at Sea and a Boatswain Chair and Pulley.
Heave Ho
Sometimes you have to refuel at sea (heave Ho, Heave Ho, Heave Ho), I have been out on the bow pulling the line across and I could see the bottom of the other ship as it raises up out of the water while we are heaving ho.
 Boatswain Chair and Pulley
 Refueling at Sea
When I was out at sea during Operation Dominic we were pulling the oil hose across and secured it into the oil receiver with ropes and the ropes broke while we were refueling and the oil line like the one pictured came out and started spraying black oil all over our ship (all you could see of our Boatswain Mate were his white teeth). It took about 40 seconds to shut the pump down. It took better part of the day to sop up all that oil on the decks (be careful it is slick).
 Refueling at Sea

Fern Bank dam was a “wicket dam” along the Ohio River on the west side of Cincinnati. This dam was in use from 1911 until 1963. This wicket dam consisted of 225 wickets and steel and oak barriers that were used to control the water level. Below is a photo of the Fern Bank Dam #37.

Lock and Dam # 37 Fern Bank Dam 
Crossing the Bear Traps by Boatswain Chair and Pulley System (sometimes you pull your self across}.

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