Saturday, August 6, 2016

Today everything is automated.

Good Morning,
I am up early; it is dark outside. The electronic weather station at the county airport says it is 73 degrees there at the airport. How remarkable is that. I am sure that every airport in western Kentucky has one.
I know that when I worked at Dam 50 we had a weather station plus we took the readings each morning at 6 AM and another reading at 6 PM; that was done 7 days a week. We only measured the precipitation in the morning. We had a month weather book that was a mailer we sent to the weather bureau each month.
Satalites in the sky monitor the river elevations wherever you are. Now it is up to the government to move the sand and soil to maintain river channel depths.
I just now put new screen in the fence below and put it back in place.

As it was without the screen.
 The Screen keeps the grass clippings out of the air conditioner.

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