Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Rock Pile and White Fence Area

Good Morning,
After some Coffee I am going outside before it gets hot and pull some weeds near the tomatoes and the Blue Pump ( White Fence Area):

Around the White Fence Area and Pump I will remove the decorative stone
then pull the weeds
then I will put rock pile stone there
then place the decorative stone back on top

I feel good this morning, mentally and physically;

6:45 AM
I moved the decorative rock within the white fence area and pulled the weeds (roots and all) I placed the weeds in the places where no grass is growing outside the fence. Now I have to haul some rock from the rock pile (photo above) and place it within the white fence area.

7:45 AM
All done with the white fence area. Now I have to weed-eat the far side of the white fence area and place grass clipping there.
9:30 AM
I just finished weed-eating and now after a break I will pick up some grass clippings and place them where I just weed-eated (far side of the air-conditioner).

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