Thursday, July 14, 2016

Good Morning

Good Morning,
I think the queen want's her country back.
I am out on the deck an the birds are singing. I had made a tripod to hold up my sunflowers that had blown over; they seem to be doing fine. Our big tree looks like it has been through a tornado and has barely survived.
Today I haul rock to the wash outs. I may sow some grass seeds too.
I feel good mentally and physically.
Our yard is a lush green. Absolutely tropical. I live on a rolling hill in Western Kentucky.
Our first Early Girl Tomatoes. The storm the other day knocked the green tomatoes off the vine, we found them laying on the ground.

9:30 AM
I started to haul rock and cut sod for the washed out area in the upper photo below; I then hauled rock to the wash out area in the next photo bottom.

11:00 AM
I came in to take a break and blog.
I placed rock and sod in the washed out areas in this photo above.

11:15 AM

I have 2 more loads of rock to haul then I eat then go swimming. The 2 loads go here in the next photo; I did not have enough grass clippings to cover the area at the far end so I am making a rock path to the crawl space door and putting the grass clippings on each side of the path.

12:00 Noon
Mom made BLT's for lunch plus some home made sugar sweetened Ice Tea and home fries.

1:15 PM
I am done hauling rock for the day; I made the path to the crawl space.
Time to rest then into the pool with mom about 2:00 PM.

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