Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rutted Areas of 2016 and Tomatoes

Good Morning,
I hear birds out there in the dark; it is still dark outside; I did fill up the bird feeder yesterday and the birds love that. Yes we do have bees and a few hummingbirds and butterflies.Mom wants to mow today but we have a lot of ruts; maybe I will mow the rutted area below.
Rutted Areas 
above and below
I am still lifting sod and burying rock.
11:30 AM

I mowed and picked tomatoes; I have a system for the ruts I mow parallel with the ruts; running the mower over the ruts at a 90 angle is a killer on our backs. I know where they are so I just mowed when I get the ruts level I will mow like I used too.

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