Monday, July 11, 2016


Good Morning,
I have a slight feeling between my eyes, sinuses; maybe a headache or maybe somewhere nearby there is some pollen where it does not belong and my had is just tired of moving it. or maybe it just a headaches where the blood is not getting where it belongs; that one is simple as I have control with my brain to allow the flow of blood where it is needed. So I just relax and let my brain do what it can to help my body do a good job of living and mending fences.
Sometimes I limit my amount of caffeine and my body reacts with a headache. Tough $h!t. My first cup this morning will be coffee and my second cup will be decaffeinated coffee.
I control the drugs or alcohol that my body consumes; Tylenol or Aspirin rarely; Omeprazole I take one a day, I know that it is harmful if taken too long but in my situation I keep taking it. Meclizine, I take to keep from falling over. When I was young I got car sick and vomited everywhere I went. Time solved that but on one occasion at the dam I blacked out where I could not see, I had seen this before when I was young and just waited and everything became normal. When it happened at the dam there was water on each side of me and if I fell it was a broken head from rocks or drowning going under the dam. So I told the doctor my problem and he proscribed Meclizine one tablet a day. I have added a medicine for restless leg syndrome Pramipexole; I take this because shaking my legs is annoying to some folk.
That is all I take.
I have to check the pool.

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