Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Writing with music in the background, the luxury/decadence of this life. A wonderful feeling moves across my vision and soul. I understand how different the lives on this planet participate in their day to day affairs. Each person with reasonable living conditions partakes to their own affairs in their daily schedule of living. A wide variety of living conditions persist, normal for the style of life their accustomed too. 
I realize the anger that luxury/decadence generates. Humility should come from poverty. A simple life style. Without wealth, without baggage. Humility comes from loving the earth and understanding that you are but one in a mass of living souls. Only one. Sometimes happy, sometimes lonely, sometimes mad. Loving the existence of life on this planet. Wealth and poverty are different. Humble is not only crawling on the ground or a feeling after pain. Humble is knowing that you are only one of many, placing your being in the crowd, knowing that you can't always be right. Humility comes from knowing that I can not be them, I can only be me, I can not be them. I want to be them, I want their intelligence, I want their talent, I want their grace, I want their love. That is humiliating. That is putting us in the place provided by our existence.

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