Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Still Working on the Ruts

Good Morning,
My ,"Hold There Mule" attitude is doing good on the ruts, the mattock does not hurt my back, it makes me sore but it is something I can do in moderation. The ruts in general (riding over them on a lawn tractor) hurt my back when mowing. That was one of the things my doctor said would hurt. They are vacuuming, riding golf carts (mowing), sweeping and my favorite, standing over the bed folding clothes. The doctor did not mention the folding clothes part but believe me it hurts. But heh yo gotta live. Mom found out the hard way about riding the lawn tractor. Anyway filling in the ruts is a pleasure compared to riding over them by mowing the grasses.

Photos at 10.00 AM
I called it quits for the day, I will take a shower then hop into the pool and clean it.

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