Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mending Nets & Foundation Vent

Good Morning,
Yesterday I weed-eated then went into the pool with mom; When I got out of the pool I started mending nets. Our nets are cheap and the sun rots the plastic the way they are made; so when they are fall apart I sew them back together, if they are strong enough to hold thread; maybe they will last the year; if not then we will do without that net.
This morning I will mulch then try to put a vent on the east side of our home; I have two new vents in and I have two more to install. This was on of the projects I was to work with Talon on for his birthday but it rained that day.

7:30 AM

It is time for me to get dressed and go out and mulch and hoe some weeds (on the black mulch on the West Side of our home).

9:30 AM

Mulched and hoed; set up my grease gun for the lawn tractor; resting. I did not have enough mulch to cover the area I wanted to cover but I have grass clipping to use after I mow the grasses.

1:30 PM
We just got out of the pool; the pool water was warmer than 81 degrees outside of the pool with the wind blowing. We stayed in about 45 minutes cleaning the pool.
Time for lunch and maybe a movie.

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