Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Baking a Cake

Good Morning,
It looks like rain today or maybe it is just hot weather with a chance of thunderstorms. Mom sent me to the store this morning. I think mom is going to bake a cake. I put a landing area for the birds on my log feeder and it is scaring the birds so I am going to change it to a post (tomato stake) I have. Birds are not frightened of wood; the landing I had was plastic and white.
8:30 AM
I just put the extra perch on the log feeder and mom is fixing up a cake.
The birds had to hang upside down to get at the peanut butter in the bottom holes; now they can perch on the extra wooden perch.
I will rest up a bit then go out and move sod and rock.

11:00 AM
I lifted about 5 feet of sod in the rut and put rock in the rut/ditch and then put the sod back on making it level; I rolled the area with my lawn tractor making it solid, hard work; I have a lot to do still.

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