Monday, June 20, 2016

Quiet Day

Good Morning,
I had a quiet Fathers Day; I did not do anything; mom made a special banana upside down cake for us, plus she made a stew but I was not in any mood for food yesterday. I am having a problem with my balance (walking or standing straight). I will have to do these exorcises   (Right Side)  (Left Side)
Have you ever had a day where the more you thought the angrier you got.
When my kids called I did not have much to say; I tell folks that I am not the telephone talking type of person and yesterday certainly proved that.
I tell the wildest stories but yesterday on the phone I was "OHO HUM"; a dud is a good word. 
I am in the process of writing a book; I gave the idea to mom and she did nothing with it so I am tackling the idea; I really need an excellent writer to do the project but if there is no one then that means I will have to do it myself. The problem is that I have the idea, then write the idea down and pow after 2 pages the story has ended. I will have to learn to stretch the idea out for 200 or 400 pages.

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