Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Showy Stonecrop, Ice Plant, and Butterfly Stonecrop

Good Morning,
I hear birds outside this morning, it is still dark outside; as long as the outside temperatures stay below 70 degrees then the pool will stay below 70 degrees. I feel work sore from lifting bags of soil, digging holes and turning soil in a wheelbarrow. Mom planted about 4 pots of flowers and I planted 2 Live-forever's and 3 Cherry tomatoes yesterday plus I weeded the black Mulched area by the westside of our home; mom spent a lot of time pulling weeds out of the ground.

"Butterfly Stonecrop:
Famous for their ability to put up with just about anything, Sedums (Stonecrop) are the perfect solution for dry or rocky areas. Resistant to drought, heat, humidity, and poor soil, Sedums store moisture in their thick, succulent, green, golden, purple, or red leaves, resulting in long-lasting color and a strong tolerance for almost any weather conditions. The flower clusters (good for everlastings!), which range in color from sunny yellows, oranges, and golds to pinks, deep reds, purples, and soft white, draw in butterflies, birds, and beneficial insects!"

 Cherry Tomatoes
I will mulch around these tomatoes today to keep the weeds away for a time.
 The pile of dirt I will move today to flatten an area to place my trash cans on the street; 
at the moment my trash cans lean toward the house and are in danger of tipping over 
when I place them on the curb for pickup.
 Butterfly Stonecrop and Lilies; mom calls the Butterfly Stonecrop, "Liveforevers"
Yesterday before going to town mom and I spent some time on YouTube listening to Klezmer Music.

I mulched around the Cherry tomatoes, filled a hole on the east-side of the house with dirt. I put the dirt that was on the ground in the photo above in the cart; after my break I finished mulching then I dropped off the dirt at the spot where my trash cans will sit and spread it and rolled over it with my lawn tractor.

I think I am done for a while; if I feel good I may clean the pool; it is crystal clear with stuff on the bottom and that is what I will clean.

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