Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pool Care


I had put the solar cover on the pool last night; I just noticed that all the bubbles were flat and not holding air; that is fine for this year as it will hold the heat in overnight just by being there.
I just washed the cover of it's debris as it was laying on the ground and not to be used this year; but we decided to use it anyway yesterday. I think I said that I will mow and clean the pool today and that will be a chore doing both; it is time for a mug of coffee.
I am finished for the day, mom helped as she finished the yard mowing, I mowed one half of the yard then went to the pool and got started in cleaning it. I got half the bottom done; The other half will have to wait.because the cover was so dirty the pool got filthy and it is like starting over for the year.
I am watching the preliminary programs for the Kentucky Derby.

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