Friday, May 20, 2016

Pool Man

 Good Morning,
  It is raining and 55 degrees here a home in Marion, Kentucky; I am caught up on the pool just waiting for at least 75 degrees in the pool and then I will attach the steps; the steps are tied and floating in the pool to get cleaned up because I put in Natural Chemistry First Aid into the pool and the stuff is an enzyme that eats old stuff like, old dead grandpa's, dead leaves, used oil, people waste; it cleans up dead algae, pollen and other forms of organic contamination.

I am not sure if it is OK to use this at it eats the outer shell of Crustaceans and insects that are chitinous exoskeleton. I know that mud dauber's and some wasps die in the pool; apparently bees dislike chlorine so they are not affected.
If you noticed when they cleaned up the oil spills they used enzyme's like this and after this was used that parts of the ocean was dead; it maybe OK now but tis stuff may eats the dead skins of grandparents. I will let you know in a later post if I make it through the summer in the pool.
10:00 AM
It has stopped raining and I went out and planted the herbs we got from I think Melinda's Wedding and maybe elsewhere. The plants are on the deck on the west side near the black mulch; yesterday I planted Yellow Celosia in the old black tire.

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