Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chicken Wire

Good Morning,
We had rain showers yesterday but they were just remnants of big storms; hopefully there was enough to help with the ruts. Time may help; we have had no problems with our fix; everything is working out fine.
I adjusted the pool yesterday and I need to wait a couple of days to test the pool; it got off and I need time to make sure I can fix it properly ( I can look at it and test it and clean it but no adjustments for a couple of days).
I am going to move the chicken wire out of the mud in the back yard and into the west side area where I had my rock pile. I advertised it and folks are interested just waiting for good weather.

8:45 AM
I moved the Chicken Wire to the rock pile next to the garage (above) and I placed bricks found by the Backhoe above around the Gladiola's that are planted where the Hack-berry tree was.

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