Saturday, May 21, 2016

Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning,

53 degrees outside this morning; I heard the birds singing outside but now at the moment it is just the sound of my ears ringing.
Why would one human being just say a prayer; move to the next bead on a Rosary, say a prayer (it is the same prayer) and repeat the process ten times; pause say a different prayer then repeat the process.
This blog is similar in form as a Rosary as it says the same thing over and over; it is a constant of normal living; Why would I do that?
Well it is to show the folks on the planet that one home is peaceful; here, there are no armies coming over the next hill and that everyone of my neighbors believes in the law of the land. I know that chaos wants to rule as they send sharp needles to the mind hoping that I will forget and lay on them.

My mind is sound and I do good things with it.
I do feel good mentally and physically.
The earth has revolved toward the sunlight and in the next few minutes we will see the sun; we make it simple and call it a sunrise.

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