Monday, May 23, 2016

Life Styles

Good Morning,

I have a Humming bird feeder like this one (at left); well the little yellow flowers finally got old and fell to pieces; I told mom I would paint the flowers on and she said it may be a problem; anyway I painted it with acrylic paint (painted feeder below) which dries really well and holds up well. If the hummingbirds smell the acrylic then were are done with it, but the red housing is probably acrylic to hold up well in the weather. We will have an answer in about a week or to.

For some reason we have four cats sleeping in the front side of our home two outside on the stoop and two inside on the couch. It could be that the weather has layered the oxygen out back and the cats sense it and are moving to a safer environment. 
Mom is sleeping a lot lately and I can assume that her body is adjusting to her active new lifestyle.

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