Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Family Death

Good Morning,
It is 65 degrees here at home in Marion,Kentucky; it is still peaceful and quiet; any noise we bring, comes via our electronic devises except outside bird and vehicles and the ringing in my ears; I feel good spiritually, mentally and physically; I say and think about our family and how they handle each day; they all struggle and survive. 
My cousin Arlene (FaceBook Friend) was informed by my cousin Terri:
I heard that one of my uncles ex wives had died. I had not heard her name in a while but I thought about her daughter a lot (my cousin Terri); my cousin Terri who I had not seen since the Christmas's of my youth but when Terri informed me yesterday via cousin Arlene that aunt Dora (Dora cane to all the Christmas's) had died (Dora was married to my uncle Sam but they were divorced (uncle Sam who lived with me in Pasadena and whose room I stayed in when I had Scarlet Fever)).
Here is a partial tree:

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