Monday, May 30, 2016

Alexander Rossi

Good Morning,

I watched the Indy 500 and NASCAR yesterday. I did not do much of anything; I looked around and measured the pool temperature and it was 78 degrees because of the great sunshine we had most of the day. Today it will be the same so I plan to lay sod up next to the road.
I hear birds and humming in my ears. Did you see the ant moat I made. I had to use the heavy pot to keep it balanced; the top part is a cup from Tide Laundry Soap; it is glued together with acrylic paint that is not watered down (strait from the tube); I had to poke a hole in the soap cup but the pot already had a hole in it. I had to put water in the top but most of the time rain will keep it filled.

Alexander Rossi
10:00 AM
I just cleaned the pool and put the steps in; mom said the water temperature was 79 degrees; she said she was going in at 80 degrees; I have to check the pool and see if it is balanced; I am pretty sure it is. 
I was going to sod but the pool was too inviting. Besides it is a Holy Day or Holiday and one should check out the pool if the grand kids are going to swim in it.
8:30 AM
I forgot to tell you I put up the white fence around the air conditioner and in ground pump; I had to reset all the posts but it worked out well; it does not look new but it looks up as it did before; I have to put new screen into the fence to keep the grass clippings away from the air conditioner..

The Pool Memorial Day 2016

 The White Fence around the Pump and Air Conditioner

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