Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Raining Again

Good Morning,

When you get old your feet get cold; I cleaned our pool, checked the properties of the pool, back washed it, added chemical to the pool, washed and folded my clothes, swept the floors. I was going to write an  article about Spring Sprint but I will let mom do it; she is a better writer and does nicer articles.
I am going to sit and relax; it is cloudy outside and it looks like rain.
We got an umbrella for our deck table; I destroyed the last one; we also got some paint for the deck; all we need is some help and a nice comfortable day that is in the 80's above that we get forced to move to quickly. ideal is 70- 80 degrees. Here is the color we picked (the deck will look as nice as new) but this will make it look presentable to our eyes. I do not plan to do anything else but the deck, the hand rails can wait (I only got enough paint for the horizontal boards we walk on).
We had a little over 1 " of rain in our gauge on the mail box.
It just started raining again; RADAR above; I am glad I did my chores outside this morning before the rain; the bottom photo of the RADAR shows the break in the clouds where and when I did my chores outside.
The rain stopped about noon here in Marion.
We just finished lunch; bacon and eggs and tortillas.
Washed the deck and the glass table, put the new umbrella up and replaced a broken cap on the bottom of the sand filter with a new one. The new umbrella is a rectangle with the longest side the same length as the glass table.
Dolly has turned into an inside cat thanks to the horny kitten outside. Loretta still has no clue when to stop eating, she just knows that she has to eat to survive.
We are going to Walmart after the concert to get a bike for Eliana. We hope to have everyone have a bike so you can ride them as a family to the Arboretum. $100 bikes are suitable for whoever wants one. Our Pleasure.
I can teach Talon to do maintenance on a bike, simple, have him gather his tools together and maybe borrow Eliana's tools.

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