Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pool Maintenance

Good Morning,

We took the winter pool cover off and today we fold it up. Allison and family are here and they are helping with the pool; yesterday they cleaned the pool of winter leaves. I still have a lot of connections to make for the solar heater to work properly last year I disconnected the cover and rerouted the lines so this year I have to rebuild the connection to the solar heater. Our pool pump is not pumping as well as it should but it is working. An old aged pool is going to be costly and mom does not like cost.

I feel good this morning mentally and physically; I also am in love with the blue planet I reside on.

Well we went out and folded the winter cover in the blowing wind and the job did get done and put away. Then the kids helped me put the pool-step and step-weights into the pool. They also placed the old solar panel alongside the pool to make a walkway runner.

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