Friday, April 15, 2016


Good Morning,
I am  little sore this morning; I lifted the bags of soil for the tomatoes from the shelf to the flat cart; I have enough soil to plant 4 Early Girl tomatoes in back, 4 Roma tomatoes on the trellis up front and pot the rest in pots for Allison and the kids. We got two more crawl space vents; we got two the first time to make sure they would fit and work, I think this will be all. There are two more vents left, one is under the deck and I think that one keeps the cats warm in winter and I have no way of getting to that one and the other one is behind the dog house up front and may keep that dog house comfortable even though it is closed. I think I have enough vents to do the job.
I am going to mix these 3 bags together; the white bag is sand and regular dirt; the green bags will make the plants nice and strong I have a layer of rock then manure, potting soil at the bottom of the bed already what I have here pictured here is to go above the manure and rock. I am going to check the weather this morning then plant the tomatoes.
I was out filling more water into the pool and clearing off the glass table which I used as a winter home for the cats; it needs cleaning; I washed two loads of clothes (work clothes and hand towels early before light) and getting dress and ready to plant tomatoes. Breakfast will be soon then outside to bring the soil out of the van and into my cart then back to back yard to mix in my wheel barrow, then plant tomatoes.
10 AM
We just had breakfast and mom is loading the dishwasher and sh says to me, "Did you unload part of this dishwasher?" And I said, "Yes." "Did you know that those dishes were dirty" (I knew my coffee tasted funny!). " Mom your Kentucky cups are up in the cupboard. I put them away." I only unloaded 4 things 2 of my cups and 2 of mom's cups.
All done for the day; I put up a fence around the tomatoes plus the wheel barrow is parked there; we just need the tomatoes to survive the weather. I have I think 5 more Early Girl Tomatoes and a lot of Roma's.

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