Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Old Dell

Good Morning,
I put 2 old Dell computers together to make one good Dell computer. They had Windows XP on them and Microsoft said to me via the computer that they would not help Windows XP anymore. So I had to do something different; I replaced Windows XP with a Linux replacement; I replaced Windows XP with a Linux Operating System called, "Zorin OS 9 Lite". The operating system works fine. At the moment I have a choice of 2 operating systems on the machine because  I have to create web sites and at the moment I do not how to do it via Linux so I have to do it on a Windows XP machine.

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  1. As much as I have hated my Mac, it is still running and once when I had trouble with it I took it to the Apple Store and they do repairs for Free for as long as you own your Mac. I still hate it, but it is runs good. You can't do as much with a Mac, or at least I can't, hahahaha