Monday, January 18, 2016

My Paper Route

Good Morning,
One year when I lived on Third St in Alhambra I had a paper route; I think it was about 150 customers. I delivered the papers on my bicycle; I had two big bags up front on my bike and I delivered them after school and Sunday Morning. It was a big route which was a little far from home toward San Marino or in San Marino; I had 3 times the papers as that kid on the bike. It was too much for a kid like me, I could deliver the papers but I could not collect the money.
Approximate Area I delivered Papers.
Story Park is the small green area above "St" in our street address (310 N 3rd St.).
In the Rectangle Blocks were homes like ours but in the Curved Roads were the big homes. 
Really Upper Class folks lived here.

I folded the papers on the porch.

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