Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Kitten

Whatever you do do not let the kitten have Chocolate; the cat will go into an amazing speed trip and tear at anything in sight. I normally give the kitten anything I eat. He likes Vanilla Ice Cream, Pizza, Spaghetti and just about anything we eat; the other day mom had her "Death By Chocolate" bowl of ice cream and put the empty bowl on the kitchen table; a few minutes later I saw a flash of a cat running down the hall attacking whatever was in view and he came bounding back with a reckless chase of a Black Soft Football and spun upside down with amazing agility. I realized that something had happened to the kitten; it had happened before and I had no clue as to what happened; but this time I had a clue and it was on the kitchen table and I had heard that chocolate was not good for cats and I did not know why; it is the chocolate caffeine and theobromine; in our cat it was Hyperactivity. I told mom not to leave her bowl anywhere without it being rinsed.

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