Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Garden of Eden

My grandmother in Pasadena was all about love. What could she do? She was a grandmother and she took care of her grandchild. Something went wrong and she took it upon herself to do what was right. She had no choice; at her age it was very difficult and painful. All I got was love.
So why is it that I believe like a grandmother. Stop the violence, stop the war. All my grandmother did was hug me and love me, take me everywhere she went. She took trains and buses and buses and trains made me car sick. It was the motion sickness and bus fumes. I had no clue?
I turned to religion to solve the world problem I saw on TV. I should become a priest and make the world better. I saw Gandhi in the movie theater newsreels and he was not a Catholic. I am puzzled? Why?
My Grandmother in Pasadena was all about love. Everyone around me was trying to toughen me up but still my grandmother was all about love.
 In the Hebrew Bible, Adam and Eve are depicted as walking around the Garden of Eden naked due to their innocence. In the pamphlets my grandmother read and I looked at there were always photos of the Garden of Eden.
I did get toughened up but I did not change what my grandmother instilled in me.
My world does revolve around the Garden of Eden.

I do not remember my grandmothers face, only her golden gray hair. Her sister Mena was a nun and my grandmother was a saint.

This was my grandmothers home in Pasadena; that is my Aunt Kay. The front porch wrapped around the sides and there were doors on each side. If you touch the photo on the left side there is a doorway about 15 feet back. That doorway went to a rental. If you touched the photo on your right hand side the porch wrapped around and ended in a doorway and steps down; that doorway at the end ended in a bedroom off the living room. The living room was behind her head and to the right. She is standing in the driveway and that driveway ended in the garage. There was an empty field at her left the size of the home and the field went to the next street. At the end of the field was the rail spur that ran parallel to the driveway.
The home was about 3 times the width you see in the photo going back toward the other street.
The Christmas Tree went to the ceiling on the other side of that Picture Window. The front door is at left and the picture window is at right.
There was grass in the front yard and when I was old enough to mow it I did.There was a Banana Tree out of the picture to the right.
The Telephone was just inside the window upstairs overlooking the garage (dark window).
The stairway going upstairs started to the left of the front door two steps then turned right up the side 5 steps turned right and ended about 10 feet behind the center window (Center Hallway on the right of the window).

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