Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Good Morning,
Our local doctor put mom in the hospital yesterday after we saw him.She could not eat and if she did it came out. She said she lost 8 pounds since Friday. Hopefully they will find out why she does not want to eat.
I bought cat chow yesterday and just now fed them canned food. One cat Dolly spent the night outside and I just let her in.
I tried to get mom to eat but everything I did did not help her. Now she is being watched at the hospital. When I left she had eaten some jello 3 teaspoons. They wanted a urine sample but she had no urine  in her. They checked. She had a 1/2 bottle of saline  and a bag of antibiotic when I left yesterday and she did go (urine) much more. Hopefully they will know why she did not want to eat or could not.

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