Friday, December 25, 2015

Live and Let Live

Some folks are mixed up. Winters in some places are harsh; society has made our winters a lot better (freezers, electricity, furnaces, insulation, electronic and communication).
Some time ago men went out in winter to hunt for food and brought it back to the cave and kept warm in winter.
Some time ago we told stories to pass the time. Some time ago we created law; to keep us from poisoning ourselves, or when to give thanks and how to use our weapons to hunt with. Some law kept us from bothering or killing our neighbor.

Time has changed and those laws have changed to suit each community.

Men do strange things when their ego's swell as in creating different god's to do different chores on the planet earth. Somewhere along the line someone said there was only one god and guess what someone disagreed.
Smart men who have their ego's under control understand. Some folks are willing to kill or fight in what they believe in.
There was a big change when the folks that understood Jesus blamed the Jews for getting Jesus Crucified.
There was a big change when Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam went his way or when Martin Luther decided to leave the Catholic Church.
You also have to remember that religion was forming in different areas of the planet and only stories blended some of those beliefs.
The photos above show you some changes and how the use of weapons are used for other purposes other than hunting some may have hate rooted in religion or just a weapon to use in killing.

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