Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I Write and Mom Plays Computer Games

Good Morning,
Today is trash day or the day I put the trash on the street; the trash man comes very early Wednesday (3 AM - 5 AM) and I am not up to getting up at 2 AM to put out the trash. I am sore this morning but not as sore as a few days ago. Everyone around us is sick; it is mostly old age and their/our ability to take care of ourselves. So far we are doing better than some. I write and mom plays computer games. Plus we eat and fight to stay alive.

I put Colorful Lights out on our window outside and mom wants me to put up a Gift from Sandy in the Window. The First thing I would have to do is move the couch; then go get the ladder then take down the speaker high on the wall or find a way to keep it there ( I would have to find another stud to keep the speaker there); once that is done I would have to remove the Venetian blinds; Then I would have to mount the framework for the New Curtains. Then I would have to hang the Gift from Sandy.

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