Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Monday Post

Good Morning,
Rain, hard rain; it was slanting toward our front door, I hate to look into the garage; I did have things raised off the floor near the door but things way back in the garage may have gotten their feed wet. I checked the river and it is rising 2 feet yesterday here close to us (Cave in Rock) and 3.5 feet today. Tomorrow is another day. The local farmers check the gauges when they have equipment to move; I am sure that their equipment has been move to higher ground; already done. Folks check the gauges when they have things to do.
I feel good this morning; mentality and physically. By the way some roads may be covered with water from the runoff; some will drain quickly and some water having no place to go will stay high until the rivers go down. I know that near the road is covered.

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