Friday, December 11, 2015

Stiff Back and Dizzy Cat

Good Morning,
I am stiff and sore this morning; I feel great mentally. Mom is up and doing chores. The kitten is chasing a small clear ball across the kitchen floor. She fed the cats; I started mom's tea when she came into the kitchen and she finished the dishwasher and her tea that I had started. I have to clear off the couch today and maybe hang some photos, hang some lights. I just heard the cat throw up. I will be right back. Well she threw up in the cat chow dish and that was not hard to clean up; she wanted out after she threw up; Why didn't she ask to go out first then throw up outside; I will tell you why, I am always talking about how to clean-up the environment so she thew up inside where it is easier to clean-up; I can't walk around the whole yard looking for throw-up; she is smart that way.

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