Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Tree

Good Morning,
We went to Paducah to get some gifts on my Best Buy Gift Card I got for doing my YouGov Surveys. I got a Memory Stick Reader (( my old one died) Mom's computer reads them and so does the HP Netbook; my laptop does not read them) and a Non-Contact Probe for finding hot electrical wires. My tree lights went out and I needed to find a way to tell which light bulb was out. It worked! I just found the bad bulb with the probe. I will wrap it up for Christmas.
Mom drove to Paducah; so we know that mom is up to her standards and feels pretty good. We also stopped at Home Depot and she rode the cart into the store and I rode the cart out of the store. I just need a 10 minutes rest and my legs are fine for a bit. I have learned to work in spurts of 20 minutes jobs with 30 minute breaks.
Mom is using the wrapping paper.

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